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Brass Earth Blocks Earth Bars

We present a rare collection of Window and Curtain Hardware Fitting- Brass Curtain Pipe, Brass Curtain Bracket and end caps that are available in a fascinating range and exclusive variety, they simply lend an unmatched grace to your interiors.


Brass Terminal Blocks Neutral Links Earthing  Terminal Earth Bars 3lock Terminals

Brass  earth neutral bars neutral links earthing blocks terminal blocks available in all sizes as per customer specification. Brass neutral bars terminals terminal blocks and links up to 1 Meter also available.4 way and 8 way tin plated Nickel plated earth neutral bars for panel boards available.

  Switchgears Electrical  Brass Panel board Switchgear components accessories for control panels and  Switchgears

Available a big range of Brass Copper accessories and components for electrical switchgears control panels panel boards switch boards.. We offer Brass terminal Neutral earth bars for  all  types of panel boards switchgears and electrical switchboards enclosures. Our accessories and components  for electrical switchgears and contro2l panels are available with tin and Nickel  plated finish.