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Brass Cabinet Hinges

Butt Hinges Cut Hinges Brass cabinet hinges are shown here and we manufacture them as small as 1/2" x 1.5mm and as big as 8". We strictly follow the dimensions given to us by our customers. Details of different sizes and weights can be given as per customer's requirements. Also steel hinges with Brass plating are available.


Brass Parliament Hinges on top and Railway Hinges at bottom are shown. These are heavy hinges with plate thickness from 3mm to 4mm. It can be available with stainless steel Pin or Brass Pin. Different sizes can be furnished for detailed inquiry.


Brass Bearing Hinges

Brass Bearing Hinges .These Hinges are  with Bearing or Washer. Top Hinges are Washer and Bearing hinges with flat tip. Reflex hinges are also shown which can be separated out.

Hinges with decorative tips looks nice and is shown at the bottom.


These type of hinges are special purpose hinges which can be designed on demand of the customers. "L" type hinge is on the top, "H" type and Right angled hinges are also shown.