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  • Brass Turned and Pressed Parts

Brass Manifolds  :

Brass manifolds forged or machined from bar stock are ideal for use with air, water or hydraulic oils, . Simply install fittings into the ports to produce an organized and convenient method of supplying multiple lines of fluid from a single source. Custom manifolds in Brass are available to meet your specific application needs.

Brass forged and machined manifolds go with all types of fluid power accessories and ball valves, therefore they are highly versatile. The manifolds are available with various threads like NPT and BSP and can be deliverd with different center-to- center distances . PLUG and USE MANIFOLDS We can design and configure the manifold with you , including the fittings, valves , regulators and any hoses or pipes. The manifold will be delivered pre- assembled, so you only have to install it in your system . wide range of fluid handling applications. Brass manifolds are often found in automotive, assembly and fluid distribution industries. The advantage to using Brass arw material is it offers excellent durability and can be used with a variety of media. Our standard brass manifolds can easily accommodate your systems installation requirements.

Features :

• High quality Brass material

• 2 to 12-stations per manifold

• High mounting Flexibility

• Operating pressure at 65°F: 1900 psi

• For use with air, water and hydraulic oils


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