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Brass Wood Screws

Brass wood screws available in countersunk, philips, raised, pan, round & cheese head.

Available a wide range of brass slotted countersunk ( CSK ) and round head wood screws in packing of 100, 200 no or a gross. Our brass wood screws will be in bright finish and a good point with each brass wood screw ensures proper fastening with wood. Also available brass screws and fasteners like machine screws and mirror screws. We also manufacture brass screws, wood screw, machine screws and mirror screws as per customer specifications.

brass-wood-screws-1 brass-wood-screws-2
75 x 14 75 x 12
brass-wood-screws-3 brass-wood-screws-4
10 x 12 75 x 10
brass-wood-screws-5 brass-wood-screws-6
60 x 10 75 x 10
Standard Brass Wood Screws Chart
GAUGE 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12