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Copper Bonded Earthing Grounding Rods






 Earthing Material

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 Copper earth rods  Bonded Earth Copper Grounding rods earthing  Rods


Conex  Copper bonded plated coated Earth Rods Grounding earthing rods  are made from high tensile-low carbon steel complying with requirements of BS 4360 Grade 43 A. Each rod  is molecularly bonded by 99.99% pure, high conductivity  copper bondings, each rod is treated with Benzol-triozole  derivatives. Threads on rods are formed by roll threading process, giving threads extra strength, eliminating risk of chipping the threads while driving the rods in the ground. 


Rod Dimension 

Diameter of  

Actual Rod Dia. 


09.5 x 1200




14.5 x 1200


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