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Panel Board Fittings


Brass Neutral Links,  Brass Terminals, Brass Earth Bars, Brass Terminal Blocks,  Switchgear Panel Board Fittings Accessories

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Key Specifications/Special Features of Neutral  Links Neutral bars Terminal Blocks: 

  • Brass nickel-plated terminal blocks; 4-way and 8-way neutral links bars earth blocks terminals complete with brass screws 

  • Brass neutral links with or without nickel plating; 2-way up to one meter in length; different rod diameters 

  • Different types of brass terminals complete with brass and MS screws for earthing 

  • Brass connectors complete with MS screws for PVC strips and ceramic connectors; size: 5 AMP, 10 AMP, 15 AMP, 30 AMP 

  • Brass electrical screws for fittings


      Primary Competitive Advantages: 

  • Product Performance 

  • Price 

  • Prompt Delivery  of Brass Neutral Links Brass Terminals Brass Earth bars Brass Terminal blocks Switchgear Panel Board Fittings 


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