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We Offer Stainless Steel Springs Bronze Springs



Stainless Steel Springs Features

Specification Followed :
Ordered to load requirements when the following detail is requested:
Free Length (F/L)
Load in lbf, N or Kgf at loaded length (L/L)
Rate lbf load per inc (kgf) load per mm.
Maximum compression
Maximum solid length
Diameter, maximum outside (O/D), minimum inside (I/D) or mean diameter (M/D)
Right hand or left hand wound, if essential
Type of ends (see right hand column)
Material and finish
Tolerances and special working conditions


Parallel, Barrel or Conical Shaped Springs

Free Length (F/L)
Diameter, maximum outside (O/D), minimum inside (I/D)
Wire size (d) and section.
Number of coils, working or total or pitch

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