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Stainless Steel Wash Basin Sink Strainers S.S. Sieves

Brass Chain Wash Basin Sink Bath Tub

We Offers Brass Chain Brass Chain Brass Chrome plated Chain for Wash basin Sink Bath Tub Brass Chain Key

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Product Information :- Conex precision sieves can help ensure product quality in both laboratory and manufacturing applications. Conex sieves are used to sort, sift, screen and classify a variety of materials to determine particle size and shape.

The flat, smooth surface of the Conex sieve simplifies cleaning and minimizes clogging and particulate entrapment.

Conex sieves are precise instruments custom-produced from electroformed mesh material and assembled in a variety of standard diameter frames.

The nickel Conex sieve features square apertures approximately .001” thick, with mesh sizes starting from 3 microns. The mesh can be supported by a nickel-plated copper/nickel support grid, and is supplied in stainless steel frames. The support grid is offered in 2.5 lines per inch, 5 lines per inch, and 14 lines per inch configurations.

The stainless steel frames are offered in five standard sizes, including two metric sizes. 


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