Solid Copper Earth Grounding Rods

CONEX Solid Copper Earth Rods are made in two types viz. externally threaded and internally threaded. Solid Copper Earth Rods are used where the factor of corrosion is very high and exceptionally high-long life is required and hence these rods are manufactured from pure and high conductivity hard drawn Copper to BS 2874-C-101. These rods are also available with Tin plating in order to reduce the risk of oxidation and increasing shelf life.

Note : Solid Stainless Steel earth rods can also be offered. 

Rod Details For Internal Threaded Solid Copper Earth Rods

Rod Diameter (mm) Rod Length (mm) Code no.
16 1200 CSCR-1615
16 1500 CSCR-1615
20 1200 CSCR-2012
20 1500 CSCR-2015


Packing : Earth Rods are packed individually in Polythene bags and rods are fitted with PVC caps at both the ends, thus preventing threads from getting damaged while handling.

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