Brass Fittings For Braided Hoses

Male, Female and unthreaded Hose Barbs/ Nipples (mainly Nickel plated) are used with Stainless Steel Braided Rubber / EPDM Hoses.  Hex Nuts to be crimped with plain unthreaded Barbs / Tails at the Hose ends are also available. Compression Hose Barbs, Nuts, Standpipes and Olives are also available for Hoses to be connected direct to Copper / capillary pipes.


Sizes :

1/8” - 2’’, 10mm - 50mm

Threads : BSPP (G), BSPT(R), NPS, NPT, UNF and Metric-ISO

Brass Fittings For Braided Hoses

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