Bronze Pipe Fittings

Bronze and Gunmetal fittings can be used where de-zincification is a problem or in highly corrosive atmospheres. Product range includes Bushes, Nipples, Tees, Elbows, Crosses, Extensions, Plugs and Sockets.

Casting is done by high quality Shell moulding process using various alloys. Used for corrosive and sea water applications.

Alloys :

Gunmetal (CDA 936 / Red Brass 85-5-5-5), AB1, AB2, CDA 955, CDA 958 or any other Copper based alloy

Threads : BSP (G), NPT, NPS
Sizes : 1/8’’ to 3’’
Product Of - Bronze Pipe Fittings

Bronze Elbows


Bronze Tees



Three Piece Unions

Barrel Nipples

Scoop Strainers Hull Fittings

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