Bronze Hot Line Clamps

Bronze Hot line clamps are used for line tap distribution connections.


The body is made from High strength Bronze alloys such as C955/C956 which offer high strength, corrosion resistance, and conductor compatibility.


Eyebolts are made from forged stainless steel. Eyelets and keepers are made from Aluminum bronze.


The Bronze Hotline clamp is available in Tin Plated as well as Natural Finish.

Part no Connection Type Run Connection Type Tap Run Dia. Run Tap Dia. Tap
HLC 1 CU CU .128″-.414″ #8 sol-2/0 str .128″-.414″ #8 sol-2/0 str
HLC 2 CU CU .162″-.745″ #6 sol-400 MCM .152″-.682″ #6 sol-4/0 str
HLC 3 AL AL/CU .250″-.860″ #4 ACSR-477 MCM .250″-.860″ #4 ACSR-477 MCM
HLC 4 AL AL/CU .502″-1.031″ 4/0 ACSR-800 MCM .198″-.703″ #4 sol-350 MCM
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